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Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer SuppliersPower Engineers is engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of high-quality Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Bangalore, India. we bring forth for our clients an extensive range of high performing servo controlled voltage stabilizers such as air & oil cooled, single & oil cooled up to 500 KVA. A good and high-performance voltage equipment provides a start-up delay function which will restarts the connected equipments when the voltage is set at a safe level. Voltage stabilizers will correct the voltage fluctuations by adjusting the needed levels of the voltage.


Salient Features of Voltage Stabilizer's

  • Voltmeter with selector switch indicates I/O voltage.
  • Visual indication is required in order to check input low & input high voltage.
  • For normal value, output voltage accuracy is set to 1%.
  • Easy replacement of the plug in type PCB, So that quick servicing as to be provided.
  • Providing all the facilities for auto/manual operation, This is highly useful when checking the proper function of the stabilizers
  • Control card is engraved on glass epoxy board with gold plated connection to assure faultless connection and long life
For more familiarity and assistance with Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Suppliers, we invite you to visit our company for further clarification. Call Us: 91 80 2549 1848. Click here to know about Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers in India
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