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Constant Voltage Transformer in Bangalore, India




We manufacture and supplies various types of Constant Voltage Transformer in Bangalore, India. Constant voltage transformer gives a constant output even when large input fluctuations. Power Engineers employees work hard to support positive learning environment so that everybody takes an opportunity to develop their better future with advanced technology solutions


About Constant Voltage Transformers:

Constant Voltage Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer and Stabilizer(CVT) is used when the voltage is fluctuating and even for consistent voltage is required. This kind of transformer has primary & secondary windings wounded separately. As per industry standards, these constant voltage transformers are fabricated with the supreme quality raw material, advanced technology and machinery. This protects reliable and controlled output to various electrical and electronic devices. Constant Voltage Transformers are useful in the hospital, laboratories, electrical and electronic appliances etc having low inductive loads. Looking for industrial automatic voltage stabilizers and Constant Voltage Transformer in Bangalore, India, HURRY UP!! Call Us @ 91 80 2549 1848.


Various types of Transformers

  • Constant Voltage Transformers
  • Step Up Transformer & Step Down Transformer
  • Single Phase Transformer & Three Phase Transformer
  • Variable Auto Transformer
  • Electrical Power Transformer
  • Auto Transformer & Two Winding Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer etc.
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