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Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers




We are a well-established Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers, suppliers and service provider of electrical and electronics components to our valuable clients. The electronic components are well designed and supervised by a team of qualified engineers having more than 25 years of experience to achieve best quality products for complete customer's satisfaction. Voltage stabilizers control the fluctuating input voltage before it could be fed to the heavy load or equipment which is responsive to the voltage variations. Some of this equipment are widely used in air conditioners, chemical industries, plastic industries, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc.


Voltage Stabilizer Types and Uses:

Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

There are large varieties of industrial automatic voltage stabilizers or Regulators are available in today's market at most competitive prices. Depending on the application or capacity(KVA), Single Phase or Three Phase units can be used. Three Phase Stabilizers comes in 2 different versions such as Balanced Load Models & Unbalanced Load Models. For Single Phase, the output voltage range is of 220V or 230 V and Three Phase, the output voltage range is of 380V or 400V supply, based on input voltage range for fluctuating. This regulation is followed to boost electrical operations performed by internal circuitry. Visit Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers company to get more information.


Reasons for Voltage Fluctuations:

  • Unwanted interruption in the load
  • Longer working periods
  • Computational errors
  • Overheating
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